Installers are crucial in keeping energy bills affordable

ADEY’s Kelvin Stevens examines how local installers play a crucial role in alleviating the financial pressure that expensive energy bills place on homeowners, as well as helping to increase the efficiency of the UK’s ageing housing stock.
Protecting your health webInevitably the start of the heating season brings much debate over energy costs and the affordability of heating our homes. Unsurprisingly this year is no different, but while the Government tries to resuscitate the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and the Opposition talks of freezing prices, the everyday practicalities for homeowners have been brought into sharp focus by new research from ADEY Professional Heating Solutions.
Household heating bills have risen by a staggering 37% in just three years and a new report by consumer watchdog Which? has revealed UK households are paying an average of £410 more a year for energy compared with a decade ago.
It should come as no surprise then that a survey of 2,000 UK homeowners, commissioned by ADEY, has revealed that nearly two-thirds (64%) are worried that bills will rise again this winter. Yet very few homeowners understand the multiple benefits that simple heating system maintenance can bring, meaning most are missing out when it comes to reducing costs.
Our annual homeowner survey showed that in preparation for winter, only 15% of homes had a professional installer check their heating system. In fact, in north east England it was as low as just 4% of homes.
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Protecting your health
[author image=”” ]A hugely respected personality and voice within the heating industry, Kelvin Stevens joined ADEY Professional Heating Solutions as Managing Director in 2011 having taken PTS – one of the country’s largest merchants – into oneof the most successful periods in their trading history. A champion of energy-saving technology, Kelvin was the first influential industry decision-maker to recognise the potential of magnetic filtration. [/author]