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  1. We do not need anymore Government schemes, they are always bureaucratic, expensive and confusing, Government need to stay out of the industry, instead they should supplement renewables at source so to speak, the costs of renewables needs to come down before it will ever be taken seriously as an alternative to fossil fuels by the public.
    The “Been Green” “Reducing Carbon Footprint” and “Saving the World” are terms the public has no interest in anymore, they have past their short trendy phase, all the public wants is to have lower fuel bills, its as simple as that, but until renewables are offered by all installers at a reasonable cost, not a tiny amount of installers who chose to pay to jump through the unnecessary hoops that these Government schemes dream up, we will never see a large take up on renewables, so we do NOT need another Government scheme, they should supplement renewables direct at manufacturers as they supplement the Gas and Oil industry now, then allow all installers to offer renewables, just like they do gas & oil boilers etc, let us do what we do best, we know our market, we know how to sell, and we know what is best suited to the property,let installers get back to running our industry again and not the bureaucratic pen pushers


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