How are installers getting on with ErP?

The latest stage of the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive was introduced in September, but how are installers taking to the initiative?
Under new laws set by the European Union, manufacturers have to provide an energy-efficiency label for their products, which indicates to consumers how well their appliances perform.
Installers have extra responsibilities too. When installing a new boiler and controls (newly installed) they have to calculate a package label for the system, and fill out a system fiche.
So is this new legislation having a positive effect on the industry? We spoke to installers to get their views:
Clive Jenkinson said: “We are doing nothing but giving the customer the certificate. Nobody knows anything about it or cares.”
Nick Hearn from Capital Heating agrees: “Waste of time, just more bureaucratic nonsense, not one customer is aware and installers appear to be oblivious to what is required.”
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Peter from PD Gas is having problems with labelling using different manufacturers: “The ErP directive has been rolled out by the powers of the EU to make it as difficult as possible for installers to complete. Manufacturers only do THEIR products with regards to labelling. It’s impossible to get a label that works with differing manufacturers of products. This is unacceptable for installers only wanting the best for their customers. Installers can’t purchase anything that isn’t already manufactured to comply with regulations that are already in force.”
Chris Flaherty from Vietec Heating thinks the legislation is missing a key factor: “As I have said before the efficiency of a heating system has a few factors to be taken into account, like insulation. You could have the best boiler and the supposed most efficient boiler in the world, but if the property is poorly insulated then it means absolutely nothing. The most important factor to deal with is insulation, so that means wall insulation, loft insulation and good quality windows. This is what should be the leading points in improving efficiency. There’s no good generating heat for most of it to be lost through the fabric of the building. “Keep The Heat In”.
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