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  1. I am all for reducing energy costs for myself and my customers, but I fail to see how ErP will do anything to achieve this, from 26th September we will have to install A Rated gas boilers, Hang on a minute have we not been installing A rated boilers for the past 10 years, or have we been lied to, oh yeah they now have a modulating pump inside system and combi boilers, which will save you probably in the region of £5 a year, but I am sure the manufactures propaganda machines will tell you these pumps will save you 20% on your bills, I doubt it.
    In reality ErP just means the boiler now has a sticker that is supplied with the boiler stating it is A rated and those that are a sticky label i can guarantee most people will not want it stuck on their boiler, so how is this label actually going to reduce energy consumption? the simple and truthful answer is, it will not,
    If you also install controls at the time of the boiler change then a Fiche has to be completed and a system label produced, now if you fit standard controls, your label is likely to be A rated, if you fit all singing all dancing top of the range controls you will get a system rating of A+, but the type of controls the customer wants will be based on budget and personal preference, exactly as it is now and i doubt telling a customer that having the more expensive controller will mean the addition to a * on their label will do much to pursued them, maybe if there was an actual benefit to the * they might, maybe if an A+ rating meant your M3 cost for gas was slightly cheaper for an A+ people may go for it, but in reality that will not happen and in my opinion and experience with controls the claims of energy reductions of 40% with new controls it a bit of an over statement in my opinion, i have a fairly new boiler and weather compensation controls in my house, my bills have not dropped by 40%, they have more or less remained the same, as energy prices increased, which offset any reduction in my energy consumption with my new system.
    The real way to assist in reducing energy consumption is insulation, the EU should focus more on assisting with reducing costs of triple glazing, loft insulation, wall insulation, this is where real savings can be made without the need for major capital outlay, “Keep The Heat In” this should be the focus of the EU and the UK Government, also public education, they need to listen to us installers when advising them on how to use their controls, most just turn stats up to maximum and then open a window when it gets too hot and these are the ones who normally complain about high bills.
    Renewables are not the answer for retro fitting in my opinion, firstly most customers will not be prepared to pay the higher capital cost, secondly the heat emitters on the existing system will not be suited to cover the heat loss of the room at the lower temperature that a heat pump needs to work at to keep its efficiency high, also the insulation level of the property in my opinion will not be good enough for a heat pump, if someones boiler has broken down and needs replacing I can hardly see them going for a heat pump instead of a boiler replacement with the additional capital cost, new radiators and more insulation, just so under ErP they can have a sticker with an A++ rating, installers who stick heat pumps onto existing heating systems are in my opinion damaging the potential of heat pumps and the reputation of the industry.
    In summary ErP will not change anything, it will not reduce energy consumption, it will not change the individual members of the publics use of their heating systems and it will not create any benefit for installers, I would be grateful to anyone who can prove to me I can.
    The other week I fitted my preferred boiler to a property, it was a new batch and came with the ErP label, it was the same kW rating and type I fitted a few weeks previously, there was no difference in fitting the boiler, kW rating when commissioning the boiler or general performance when running the boiler, I just had this extra pice of paper that got passed to the customer with their warranty and instruction manual that will get shoved away in a drawer somewhere, but this label is supposed to make a saving for the customers energy consumption somehow, go figure.


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