Introducing the Bosch Condens 7000 WP


The all-new Bosch commercial boiler series is the direct replacement for the GB162 V2 and comes with a 5 year boiler guarantee*.

Available in outputs ranging from 50 to 145kW, it is suitable for larger domestic properties, commercial, hybrid and communal systems. It can be cascaded up to 860kW with 560kW achievable in 1m2 space.

The Condens 7000 WP has low class 6 NOx and is hydrogen blend ready ensuring it will keep on working when greener gases are introduced into the UK gas grid.

  • Save up to 60% on the average installation time compared to GB162 V2**
  • Rapid installation time thanks to our new frame kit design
  • ‘Build from the ground up’ installation concept with minimal tools required
  • New touch screen display provides complete control for faster commissioning and fault-finding.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit for details.

**Time savings estimated and observed during customer installation studies.

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