Introducing the Wave digital shower range from Bristan

Brilliantly engineered to give the perfect showering experience every time, the Bristan Wave digital shower range is available from July in merchants nationwide.
The UK tap and shower brand’s latest innovation offers a precise and controllable digital shower with memory settings and functionality, enabling users to set various options such as flow rate, temperature and outlet.
Customers can choose from two models: the Bristan Wave Single Outlet Touchpad and the Bristan WavePlus Dual Outlet Touchpad, with multiple shower kits available for both designs.
The Bristan Wave Digital Mixer Shower, Single Outlet with Adjustable Riser kit provides extensive on and off-mode features including a pre-heat and memory setting, pause-mode and flow-adjustments, thermal disinfection and eco-flow rate in a compact device.
The Bristan WavePlus Digital Shower uses the same simple technology as the single outlet, while giving the consumer the option of changing the outlet to suit their preference, plus the addition of more memory settings for multiple users. There are two options for the Dual Outlet which enables the user to choose between a fixed head or handset, depending on their preference.
Featuring a built-in thermostat that remotely controls the water temperature and flow, the Bristan Wave digital shower range is engineered to deliver the perfect temperature every time. Once the customer’s ideal temperature has been chosen via the LED touchscreen, intelligent thermostatic technology accurately maintains the temperature and stabilises the flow rate, regardless of changes in water pressure.
For a truly personalised shower, the WavePlus features innovative memory settings so that the shower is already at the user’s ideal temperature the moment they step in. It also allows multiple family members to store their preferences, including flow rate, temperature and outlet.
The Wave and WavePlus digital shower pushes innovation even further with a unique pause mode that allows users to stop their shower before soaping or shampooing. The feature then remembers the shower settings used previously and seamlessly reintroduces them at the tap of the touchscreen. In addition to offering a customisable experience, this feature is ideal for eco-conscious housebuilders and users looking to limit water consumption.
Bristan Wave and WavePlus digital showers will operate from a minimum inlet pressure of 1.5 bar, so are ideal for use with combi-boilers or pressurised water systems. They can also be used with Bristan shower pumps to boost flow in low pressure systems.
To install a Wave or WavePlus digital shower a socket will need to be located nearby, close enough to be reached by a power cord. It’s necessary to find a suitable place for the mixer unit, no further than 1.2m away from a socket and no further than 3m from where the interface unit will be installed.
The Bristan Wave / WavePlus digital shower range has been rigorously tested in its own on-site test lab to 200,000 thousand operations and includes a 5-year parts guarantee and a 1-year labour guarantee.

Bristan Senior Product Manager, Chris Tranter, says:

“Featuring the latest innovative technology, the Wave digital shower range has been specially designed to enable plumbers to recommend and install new technologies, with the reassurance of the Bristan brand.”
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