Is it time for the toilet to go paperless?

GROHE share the evolution of toilet hygiene, highlighting their Sensia Arena shower toilet which eliminates the need for toilet paper, embracing a more organic and eco-friendly alternative.
First, the Romans relied on their fingers and later they soaked small sponges in salt water and tied them to a stick. In the Middle Ages, moss, leaves or old rags had to suffice, while the wealthier were able to use sheep’s wool. There is no doubt that the original “toilet paper” is a far cry from the hygienic product that we are all familiar with today, and which was acknowledged last Saturday 26th of August with “International Toilet Paper Day”. However, bathroom hygiene has now reached the next level: “washing instead of wiping” is becoming increasingly popular for the most intimate area of personal care. This new way of thinking – prompted by the rising popularity of shower toilets – is revolutionising our bathroom experience forever.
Revolutionary toilet hygiene
While the idea of a toilet with a spray and an air-drying function, such as the GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet, might still seem a little strange to some of us, in other cultures, cleaning yourself with water after using the toilet is as normal as washing your hands. Shower toilets are particularly popular in Asia. In Japan, for example, they account for 80 per cent of toilets. However, in Europe – where the trend is rising towards a market share of five per cent – more and more consumers are also giving up toilet paper and instead embracing the most natural cleaning agent of all, water. Not only is water more hygienic but it is also gentler to the skin.
Beyond the norm: more comfortable and hygienic than conventional toilets
Shower toilets are regarded as much more comfortable and hygienic than conventional toilets. After using the toilet, small spray arms with a range of adjustable jet types provide thorough cleaning using warm water. Odour extraction and warm air-drying functions ensure maximum personal comfort while advanced technologies provide a much fresher, cleaner and more pleasant feeling than the use of toilet paper or wet wipes. The type, intensity, temperature and position of the water stream as well as the jet types and cleaning method can be individually adjusted. The GROHE shower toilet can even be adjusted via a smartphone app to meet the trend of the Smart Home. In addition, shower toilets are more environmentally friendly than conventional models, as toilet paper is no longer needed.
Probably one of the cleanest places in the world
Going “paperless” is also gaining popularity in this country. One shower toilet manufacturer that is particularly helping to drive this change is GROHE. Just last year, the company launched the Sensia Arena on the market, meeting the design requirements of bathrooms in Europe. While previous models catered primarily to the Asian market in terms of their design and technology, the new Sensia Arena shower toilet is surprisingly minimalistic: intuitive to use, with a clear and simple design. An innovative surface in the form of cleaner, virtually germ-free ceramic and an automatic cleaning function for the spray arms make this model probably the cleanest place in the world!