It's here!

Soaring Scousers

3 Days to go and I am buzzing! Pints, pies and the plates and dishes (Mrs) out of the way.
It’s finally here, the creme de la creme kicks off this weekend and I couldn’t be happier! Mind you I’ve had a chicken oriental week! What with Shearo’s birthday up in the Tyne and with the England game on! Come on you Lions!
It has been quiet in the transfer market though, what with Bale tossing between a siesta and Levy’s bread I thought this Elliot Ness would of been sorted by now?! Speaking on Spurs I hear Huddlestone has left and now at the Hull Tigers. That’s a discussion  for another day and I don’t mean the transfer.
I see the boys next door though Cardiff are feeling their fibre and splashing on the ‘Pitbull’. He could be a coy little pick in the middle of the park aslong as he keeps his temper down.
Stop messing about an make sure you’ve picked your side for InstallerLEAGUE by Saturday morning and there’s a couple of teams playing more than once.You can have that tip for nothing.
So who do we think is gonna net this weekend? My bee’s are on Anelka. Back in the prem once again, he’s gonna show his experience and school the Saints on Saturday.
Anyway I’m getting ready for the oldest rivalry in football tonight! Come on England! Jog on.