JAVAC Flexi Torch is one to keep in the van

Dan Havard is based in Essex and has worked in the HVAC trade for ten years, working on a self-employed basis for the last two. Here, he checks out the JAVAC Flexi Torch.
JAVAC’s Flexi Torch is ideal for brazing copper pipe and soft soldering and is designed with a flexible neck for hard to reach areas.

Key features include:

• Trigger-start ignition
• Flexible 205mm burner tube
• Access hard to reach places
• Tube stays cool throughout use
• Swirl flame

How did Dan get on?

Every engineer knows that time is money. Engineers rarely know what they’re going to be faced with until they arrive at a job, and the requirements of each job can massively vary.
From public thoroughfares where access is limited, to tight spaces and dark ceiling voids, some jobs are trickier than others. Tools that make life easier are the holy grail in terms of kit, and if they don’t break the bank, even better.
Brazing is a big part of any HVAC engineer’s day to day life, so having a reliable torch in your van is really important. It sounds obvious, but one of the best things about using the Flexi Torch was having the ability to bend the head exactly where I needed it. This allowed me to target the flame at those hard-to-reach spots really easily, and no more accidentally burning panels or having to turn the gas bottle upside down to get to the area I am working on.
I often find myself working in tight spaces, whether it be to change compressors or swap out coils, and with the Flexi Torch I was able to use the handy lock function and leave the torch on, which freed me up to concentrate on the task at hand.
Oxy-acetylene torches are far less portable, which means taking a trolley and two large bottles to the job – something I avoid unless there’s no way around it. Also, since you have to light them yourself, one gust of wind on an outside job and the torch is out. The Flexi Torch has a self-ignite function which really takes away the hassle of having to keep relighting the torch, and the neck and tip stay cool despite the high temperatures, which means I was able to bend it to a different position with my bare hands – another real time saver.
The Flexi Torch is perfect for small residential jobs and as these make up about 60% of my work, I will definitely be keeping one in the van!
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