Watch on demand: Rinnai's webinar on social distancing aids for installers onsite

As part of InstallerFESTIVAL, Rinnai’s Managing Director, Tony Gittings discussed how Rinnai is ready with social distancing aids for installers onsite, free audits on hot water needs, spares kits, Legionella procedures – and continues full support for essential works.

Watch on demand here:

Rinnai supports installers through lockdown

Rinnai gears up with social distancing and product innovation with mobile handwash stations – and continues full support services to all Essential Works – NHS facilities, care homes, schools, and supermarkets – and restart industries.
Rinnai has tailored its whole operation and outlook by announcing new services centered on helping installers maintain social distancing on site surveys – in addition to continuing its dedicated operational support to Essential Works,  plus the provision of free audits on hot water supply systems and technical guidance on Legionella testing for bringing systems back into service.
The new social distancing aids from Rinnai, using Smart device technology, allows remote viewing of plant rooms used via an App on any standard iPhone or Android simply by clicking a link. It allows the installer and Rinnai, in real time, to view a site and plant room to provide the best solutions for hot water delivery.
Another innovation is the ‘Help Me Choose’ facility – simply visit and follow the instructions related to your projects and the company will respond with a full specification. A mobile handwash station which has taken just 22 days from concept to prototypes ready for market. This is a complete mobile hand wash and hygiene station geared up to supply unlimited amounts of continuous flow hot water for any and every site needing instant access to this facility –  anywhere that needs instant handwashing –  any queue outside a supermarket, shopping area, car park, building site, temporary accommodation blocks or toilet blocks for essential services.
The station consists of a Rinnai 17e hot water delivery unit, mounted on a mobile hand wash pod, complete with water connections and secured cage. The unit is easily connected to the water supply and gas is via LPG.
The hand wash station delivers temperature accurate hot water at a pre-set temperature to facilitate, with soap, the quick breakdown of any COVID-19 bacteria. This pre-set temperature of 37°C is not too hot but hot enough for breaking down lipid fat layers that surround the protein-based bacteria nucleus. According to trusted information sources on Covid-19, the ideal temperature for water used in hand washing, together with soap, is over 25°C.
Provided there is a constant supply of gas and water the Rinnai units are guaranteed to supply temperature accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene regimes in all types of healthcare sites or temporary accommodation.
Tony Gittings, for Rinnai, has also pointed out that, ‘We can also offer a number of other services such as a system health, Legionella procedures, commissioning advice and much more.’

The Rinnai services for restart and continued essential works are:

  • Service and system health checks readily available
  • Restart kits are readily available
  • Spares stock – readily available
  • Rinnai’s Runcorn UK HQ emergency weekend opening and sales support – open for any emergency / essential equipment provision of new units and for spares.
  • Weekend operational & technical support help line – simply call 01928 531870 and select sales and if the call is not answered immediately leave a voicemail and the company will respond within an hour.
  • Collection of new units/spares from Runcorn HQ for Saturday and Sunday. All will adopt ‘safe distancing’ in any contact for this or deliveries.
  • Emergency delivery on working days and weekends / out of hours – under “essential works” circumstances and, where possible, Rinnai will readily offer a delivery service to site.
  • Out of hours and weekend technical support – installers, site managers, contractors and all end-users simply call 01928 531870 select technical and if the call is not answered immediately leave a voicemail. Response will be within one hour between 0800 – 22:30 / 7 days a week. This means that there be a technical response every day of the week.
  • Rinnai’s complete range of hot water heating units are available for next day delivery on orders placed before the previous mid-day.
    All Rinnai units give instant and constant flows of hot water for hygiene and cleaning use in all healthcare, care homes, supermarkets, food manufacture and mobile hygiene, including any new or planned sites.

Installers and sites can speak to the company direct via these contact points:  Call 01928 531 870 or email and alternatively use the smart online contact points “Help Me Choose” or “Ask Us a Question”, all held on the website homepage at