Joined-up thinking

Simon Holden explains the importance of correct storage when it comes to partnering biomass and solar thermal systems – a smart mix that provides a dual attack on homeowner’s carbon footprint and household bills.
Slowly but surely, biomass is starting to stake its claim in the UK’s low carbon future, particularly in rural locations. Figures published by The Energy Savings Trust state that a domestic biomass boiler could save up to 50% in costs per year, compared to its gas counterpart, resulting in as much as £470 saved annually for an average home.An option that makes it yet more attractive and more efficient is combining biomass technology with a solar thermal system, creating an all-year-round solution.
It makes seasonal sense that biomass be brought into action during the winter months, while the solar thermal system takes over in summer as the central heating demand decreases. This approach also allows end-users to replenish their wood stock.
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