Kensa’s mystery tour of Britain unveiled


Installer Roadshow Events announced as part of campaign to demystify ground source heat pumps
Kensa Heat Pumps is taking to the roads of Britain this Autumn and Winter to help installers demystify the RHI and unearth the mysteries of ground source heat pumps.
The adventure begins in September and runs throughout October and November, re-commencing after the heating season in February and March 2015. Locations from Scotland to Cornwall will feature in Kensa’s 18 date UK tour, starting with Cambridge on the 11th September.
The events will help challenge and unmask misconceptions and myths of heat pump technology, alongside a general look at the renewable industry itself and the impact the Renewable Heat Incentive may have on installers’ customer bases, and ultimately their businesses.
Taking in both rural and urban locations Kensa’s Installer Roadshow will provide targeted events to both non-MCS/Oftec installers and MCS installers.
The Roadshow will enjoy support from Plumbase Renewables and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).
Lasting just three hours from 8:30am – 11:30am, each bite-size breakfast event will feed installers inquisitive appetites and delve into the truth about heat pumps and their place in the market.
Locations and dates of Kensa’s Installer Roadshow Events are as follows:
·         10th September, Cambridge       Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
·         11th September, Cambridge       Aimed at: MCS
·         23rd September, York                    Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
·         24th September, York                    Aimed at: MCS
·         7th October, Norwich                    Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
·         8th October, Lincoln                       Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
·         21st October, Manchester           Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
·         22nd October, Manchester         Aimed at: MCS
·         4th November, Exeter                   Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
·         5th November, Truro                     Aimed at: Non-MCS / Oftec Installers
Birmingham, Fife, Surrey, Bristol and Carmarthen will host a further eight Installer Roadshow Events in February to March 2015. Further details will be released on Kensa’s events page at
Installers can find out more and sign up for Kensa’s Installer Roadshow Events by visiting: