KNIPEX launches the Pliers Wrench XS


KNIPEX has launched the Pliers Wrench XS: 100 millimetres of pure gripping strength – small, handy and versatile.

The Pliers Wrench XS (86 04 100) is the smallest pliers wrench in the product portfolio of the Wuppertal-based pliers’ manufacturer. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Pliers Wrench XS is extremely versatile.

With a length of only 100 millimetres, the versatile tool with a width across flats of up to 21 millimetres can tighten and loosen screws gently and much, much more. It has a continuous gripping capacity for all common widths, both metric and imperial. The high lever transmission joint means that workpieces can be securely gripped, held, pressed or bent. Thanks to its compact design and very slim head, the Pliers Wrench XS is also perfect for working in the most confined spaces. The sturdy slip joint offers great stability and long-term resilience, while a pinch stop prevents crush injuries.

Small enough to fit in a pocket as an ‘everyday carry’ tool, the classically embossed and chrome-plated Pliers Wrench XS is extremely versatile: It can be used in precision building, engineering, plumbing applications. The smallest pliers wrench is also highly suitable for delicate materials. Smooth jaws ensure absolutely gentle assembly of delicate fittings with surface finishes. This means that you can work on the entire surface of a fitting without worrying about damaging the chrome.

Watch the Pliers Wrench XS in our product video here

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