Labour declares war on cold homes

The Labour Party Conference is taking place in Manchester, which will set out the party’s policies going into the next general election.
Shadow Environment Minister Caroline Flint delivered a speech outlining her plans to “declare war on cold homes”.
If Labour is in power after the next election, Flint has promised the following:

  • Half a million home energy reports a year – so households know how and where they can save money
  • At least 200,000 low-income homes a year super-insulated, saving over £270 a year off energy bills
  • One million interest-free loans for energy efficiency improvements in the next Parliament
  • New standards for landlords to improve cold homes pledges, as part of biggest push on insulation in a generation
  • Save the average family £270 a year on their energy bill
  • Freezing energy bills for 18 months
  • Energy efficiency designated a national infrastructure priority under Labour.

Flint also warned the Big Six energy companies: “Keep breaking the rules and treating customers badly and you will be shut down”
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