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  1. perhaps we should all go back to fitting crap boilers the boiler usage would then move up? fitting Viessmann and Vaillant works for me and will see me through to retirement. Blame the manufacturers for being too efficient!

  2. 121 Plumbing Solutions Ltd

    What did the boiler makers expect when they started giving 5 to 10 year warranties on there boilers ,it’s killed the boiler repair companies, the manufacturers who make the boiler spares ,the merchants who sell the parts ,so on and so on ,the boiler makers have created a gas industries biggest nightmare complete greedy idiots

  3. Are you serious?
    I’ll tell you why new boiler sales are down.
    1-over priced and over complicated.
    2- Greedy boiler manufacturers,are crippling small business’s.
    No amount of “green deal” so called efficient boilers on the planet,are going to encourage people to shell out good money for any of the above.
    You’re lucky to get 5-10 years out of them,and it’s time for a new boiler.
    What…is green about that.

  4. I think the market has reached its max – it was an easy sell to replace a non condensing boiler with a condensing boiler. Now many homes have a condensing boiler .

  5. Our boiler sales are up on last year and we had a superb year 2015! The secret is when selling boilers you bring every other items like old pumps valves missing rads cold spots and sell the benefits of all items , I’ve rarely sold a boiler with out upgrading to digital more accurate controls show them what they can save make them conscious of the energy and future maintenance cost

  6. I feel consumers are being let down with the various “schemes” the best way to push forward is to put gas engineers in control,we are qualified,competent and in the best position to offer customers fairly priced well fitted products to suit their home and budgets.A majority of companies involved with schemes offer pressure sold, inadequate,overpriced products,which are not installed particulary well,these companies close only to open under a different name when another scheme comes around.The £300 voucher scheme seemed a fairer solution

  7. Mike Harvey HETAS Training Manager

    All of the above and – consideration should also be given to those existing gas installers who have upskilled in mind of offering wood pellet and biomass appliances as an alternative to gas. HETAS are frequently asked whether an existing gas boiler in a smaller property can be replaced with biomass or pellet. Once made aware of the possibilities installers have chosen to undertake relevant training in mind of the appliances on offer, in doing so are able to meet their customers expectations who having seen a stylish pellet stove with touch screen – smart technology more than capable of meeting their demands wish to have one as an alternative.


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