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Landlord fined for employing illegal gas fitters

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  1. Gas Safe workers have experience, we are seeing more newly qualified engineers who are registered and cannot perform a tightness test correctly, own or know how to use an analyser and what the readings mean.
    With the loss of the preregistration visit which CORGI did a figure of 82% referral for further training was reported in Northern Ireland, now they pay the cash to training centres, get processed like frozen chicken and away they go and providing they don’t kill they can poison merrily and don’t stand a chance of an inspection any time soon as the local inspector here only works 3 days a week. We were promised 4 enforcement inspectors from HSENI, we have 1 and albeit he battles valiantly we don’t see cases which should go to court being followed up.
    The industry here is in a nose dive down in standards and the landlords regularly employ non skilled workers. Just looking at the building boom, a well known Italian make of boiler, all we find are flue built back to front with the female sockets facing the boiler.
    Old story money talks and safety walks.
    Gas Safety week in NI was like a Trident sub marine on patrol, neither seen or heard a few leaflets dropped at trade counters.
    The trial finally starts soon for the accused Gas Engineer for Castlerock accused of killing two teenagers, sad but we seen it coming. The big questions not asked are, where did he train, when was he assessed, inspected by Gas Safe, the design of the property and the fluing of the appliance, was the appliance converted properly to LPG. Did he own an analyser and know how to use it?
    CPA1 is a farce, I meet engineers who have the qualification but no analyser! CPA1 should require the engineer to bring his own instrument in, demonstrate competence and the serial number recorded to stop the passing around of instruments pre inspection, that is of course if an inspection is ever carried out?
    Anyone ever been invited to a Gas Safe secret meeting? We seem to have them over here?


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