Landmark insulation training agreement for NAPIT members

Following a landmark agreement with worldwide insulation specialists, Knauf Insulation, NAPIT members are now able to access a 50 per cent discount on both internal and external solid wall insulation courses.
NAPIT secured this offer in anticipation of significant growth prospects in the insulation sector, ensuring its members stay one step ahead in Britain’s increasingly competitive energy-efficiency market.
Internal and external wall insulation is ideal for hard to treat properties, particularly those built before 1920 which cannot be insulated with cavity wall insulation. According to one report from the Office of National Statistics, these properties account for around one fifth of British housing.
Wall insulation is also one of the most effective means of improving the energy efficiency of our homes. According to the Energy Saving Trust, around a third of all heat that escapes from an un-insulated home escapes through our walls.
Internal and external wall insulation is also eligible for both the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), policies which give consumers access to significant financial incentives to make their homes more energy efficient.
According to the latest statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), around 7,465 Green Deal assessments were completed in March, compared to around 1,803 the previous month.( )( ) Though it’s still early days for the Green Deal, if these early signs of progress prove to be representative of future growth rates, then it could become a framework that truly changes the face of energy efficiency in Britain.
Green Deal and ECO can only increase demand for solid wall insulation, particularly in light the of inefficient pre-1920 homes which still make up a significant proportion of the British housing stock.
The Knauf Internal and External Wall Insulation courses are now available on the NAPIT Training website. They are operated by Knauf Insulation and must be booked directly via the contact details provided on the website offer page. For more information, visit:
To make your insulation work eligible for Green Deal finance, you must be a member of a Green Deal Certification Scheme. To become a member of NAPIT’s Green Deal Certification Scheme, visit:
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