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Law change required for rogue installers


  1. Charlie speaks common sense, he should lead the campaign.

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      though I agree I do not think it will ever happen ,perhaps another way could be to register all appliances with gas safe from the point of sale then there you have a true data base of appliances fitted by professional’s and the none proffesional

  2. So then gas fitters can charge whatever they like for boilers and you as a customer have little or no choice either in what you pay or make and model you use, the fitters can put whatever mark up they like on the boilers, butt out – just another ruse to put the price up.

    • I agree with Charlie. ive work in other countries and there is no way you can purchase anything to do with gas without a licence and some places even plumbing materials. safety comes a cost you need to accept it like people do in other countries

  3. I agree with every word that Charlie Mullins has written, but I don’t think his suggestions will ever come to fruition, for one simple reason, the retail market will not allow it and they have a very large lobby in parliament.
    In reply to Steve Hales comment. He is totally wrong in what he says, as he will still have a choice on the boiler he wants installing, with professional advice from the installer, which he would not have by purchasing it himself a his other comment with regards to getting ripped off, he will still have the choice of shopping around and obtaining quotes, so it will be no different than it is now.

  4. I agree with the points raised about supplying to builders merchants who will supply to anyone
    this should be stopped. there are only two manufacturers of gas warm air heaters in the uk and both of them supply to major builders merchants with no idea who they will be supplied to and who is going to install it.
    this means that “Joe Public” can walk in off the street and purchase any thing they want, I have seen it recently and then people come running when it goes wrong. If the merchants stuck to the gas safe rules these problems would be reduced

  5. Charlie Mullins is correct in his view that too many loopholes exist in the current legislation. The issues are manifold, but the main one is that any private person is able to purchase any gas appliance without he need to show any form of qualification. Steve Hales comments are idiotic at best and ludicrous in that his protestation are based on selfishness. All people have the ability to make informed choices by shopping around for the best deals as noted by Brian Clark. If legislation were to be enabled that required an audited trail from all handling gas appliances for sale by ensuring that only those appropriately qualified would be able to purchase same the issues of unsafe and dangerous installations might be reduced. This can only happen if HSE and Gas Safe insist on relevant enactment of legislation, sadly this may never come about because of lobbying of retailers

  6. Totally agree with what Charlie Mullins and Brian Clarke had to say and the law should be changed so any gas appliances can only be purchased by gas safe registered engineers.

  7. Completely agree with Charlie. And it should be possible to enforce: you can’t buy a TV from a supermarket without filling in your details to make sure the government don’t miss out on a TV licence, so why can’t the same rules be applied to gas appliance sales?

    • I bought a TV from the merchant last week. I just filled the form using my neighbour’s name. He lives 4 doors down the street and is non the wiser. If there is a requirement to buy gas boiler and provide your details, most ‘illegal fitters’ will just make up that information.
      As for a card, that can always be printed in some back street outfit. The internet even provide decent fake driving licences.
      The only way this will work is Gas ID/card is provided, merchant phones up to check it’s genuine or check online with Gas Safe before allowing the purchase. Most merchants will not be prepared to do that. Then there is the internet to buy from. How will you ‘police’ that?
      Brilliant idea as it is, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN


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