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  1. How true Chris. Individually we are driven but collectively we could do the driving.
    HEAT Fed are making waves. Talk to them. Regards.

  2. Kevin O'Leary from Invisible Heat

    Each year I am called about a leaking underfloor heating system. The boiler engineer/client/plumber can not find a leak, so therefore it must be in the underfloor system.
    My first question, I ask, can you see a wet patch on the floor, and the answer is no.
    My next question, I ask, how long does it take for the pressure to drop, minutes, hours, days.
    My next question , I ask, have they fitted an expansion vessel for the heating system, or are they just using the one that came with the boiler.
    Surprise surprise, they are only using the expansion vessel supplied with the boiler !
    Not sure about other systems, but the systems I supply, can have approx 15 lt of fluid per group of the manifold.So a 8 group manifold will have approx 120 lt , so the it needs approx 6 lt of expansion.

    I then ask them to bing/knock the expansion vessel, and yes you guessed it, it sounds dull and full of water. I work out what extra expansion they need , and tell them to add inhibitor to the system as well.

    I also tell them to add isolation valves to the flow and returns to the manifold, as normally the installer as not fitted any, normally because of cost, but one drain down will cover the cost of a few isolation valves.


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