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Maintenance man forged gas records


  1. I have been a plumbing and heating (Gas Safe Registered) engineer for almost 30 years, and have to pay a lot of money to be legal?
    So the HSE can give out no jail sentence and a fine that can be paid to a crook who can obviously do a weeks work to pay it?
    Why does the HSE put these rules and regulation forward when they are not worth the weight in paper they are printed on? MASSIVE LET DOWN FOR INFORCEING THE LAW

  2. Obviously this fellow was very stupid and hopefully the £5000 costs will make a significant financial effect on him.

    Hopefully he will never again think of doing that!

    Very unfortunately there are several builders who regularly use a genuine gas engineer’s details on paperwork.

    I do hope the managing agents have asked for their money back!

  3. It’s about time we changed the whole heating and hot water saga, we don’t need Gas to heat are homes we could use ground source heat pumps ” Bore hole type ” this would stop high Co2 from are appliances and would save householders 75% of the cost of using Gas.
    I have been a member of first Corgi and then Gas Safe since 1982. I have studied in the Teckniska institute in Stockholm regarding heating and Ventilation.
    It came in force 31 December 2012 that the whole of the UK had to be informed about the EU directive to use, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Aero, and Hydrothermal energy.
    Why cant we get it right ?

  4. Well I agree with the last comment totally.
    I’ve had the same situation as where someone signed gas safety’s with my registration.
    Also the property he done the gas safety at, he left 2 unsafe appliances, one being in a baby’s room. Hse and gassafe would not even investigate when I reported it, trading standards even requested they investigate but they got told no. Very disappointed, and why do I pay for my registration for.
    So Russell Kramer you can e-mail me your thoughts on this, as you state gassafe will not hesitate to prosecute un-registered or illegal workers.

  5. Peter Tyrer Living Flame Gas Serices Plymouth

    Ii could not agree more. I now at the age of 68 work only part time but have recently re-sat the relevant qualifications to carry on working legally,in the work I enjoy.

    My analyser is up to date with calibration but and I carry full insurance for the protection of myself and my customers.

    Peter A Tyrer


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