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  1. A.capstick gas safe 52802

    Although it is good and sensible
    Practice to recommend and fit
    Co alarms the legislation states
    Solid fuel appliances gas boilers
    are not solid fuel appliances perhaps the legislation needs rewor ding to include gas appliances using the test button on co alarms
    Only proves the sounder and battery not the sensor co alarms
    Could leave the end user with a
    False sense of security

  2. I agree a carbon monoxide alarm is a good thing in any home ,I recommend it to all of my customers, but am I correct in saying it’s solid fuel, not gas or oil , if someone official could put me right on this I’d appreciate it !

  3. Why are you asking the opinion of a British Gas engineer about installing CO alarms in premises with solid fuel burning appliances. There is already too much misinformation concerning Landlords legal responsibilities without muddying the waters.


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