Making space to improve

For consumers looking for new and interesting ways to improve their homes, the news that the government was relaxing the planning regulations would have been welcomed. However David Williams, Category Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric, believes it also presents both a challenge and an opportunity for the electrical contractor.
Currently homeowners are able to build a 10ft extension on a terraced property and 13ft on detached premises, without the need for planning consent. The plans would potentially see government giving homeowners the right to extend their properties by 20ft and 26ft respectively, without the need for planning permission.
It is hoped that the changes will not only stimulate the construction industry but also enable homeowners to develop and improve their existing homes to meet the changing needs of their family, whatever that might be.
While the proposal has been warmly received by many, it also presents a welcome opportunity for electrical contractors with regards to electrical installations and also heating solutions.
Many homeowners for example may not have considered the fact that when a new extension is added, the demand on heating and hot water will also increase. For many homes, the existing boiler system may not be capable of meeting the extra demands or in some cases could be too costly for the homeowners to consider extending.
For the homeowner, comfort and ease is the ultimate goal and with the simple addition of electrical heating systems, homeowners can have the best of both worlds; an easily controlled heating system that also ensures a comfortable environment.
Heating panels can be easily connected to the electric mains to generate heat for a specific room.  Panel heaters also feature automatic energy saving controls to ensure the greatest energy savings are achieved, while maintaining a comfortable warm home environment.
Above all, the announcement is great news for the construction industry and presents an excellent opportunity for the savvy electrician. Not only will homes require safe electrical installations but the need for heat will also be high on the homeowner’s agenda.
It is a tough market and therefore staying one step ahead of the competition and keeping abreast of changing legislation will pay dividends over the longer term.
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[author image=”” ]David Williams is category marketing manager at Schneider Electric and is responsible for the company’s cable management system offering into the market. David has 7 years of experience in marketing and has previously worked as a marketing manager for a plastic packaging manufacturer and as an executive in both a printing company and a research organisation. He holds a marketing degree and a professional postgraduate diploma in marketing. He also is a member of the Chartered Institution of Marketing (CIM). [/author]