Malky versus Manuel

Soaring Scousers

Week 2, done! We’re finally up and running and InstallerLEAGUE is piping up nicely.
Tell you what though, how about that Manchester City result? All the bees and honey they been ploughing into that team and they come back with a result like that. They’re having a proper Lionel Blaire.
Frazier Campbell really showed what he can be capable of, looks like other fantasy football monks have recognised that too. 3rd most transferred player in this week and at 5.5mil that’s a bargain pick surely. Same old City though eh?! Different guv’nor same ol…
When are they gonna get it through their loaf they need time for current players to settle and gel before bringing in another load of new boats into the squad. No consistency and too much tinkering. Manuel Pedigree is better off using a similar line-up to last year. Fair play to Cardiff though, they love a dogfight over the border!
Some big games on this weekend, what a super Sunday we have planned. North London derby is where it’s at and I’ll be shocked to see if Bale plays and if he does can’t wait for the reaction of the Spurs faithful. My ponies are on Tottenham to take home the points that day! As for Liverpool v United, I think Sturridge is going to give their back line a run for their money. Rio’s starting to look his age nowadays and I bet he’ll feel it on Sunday.
Right that’s my rant over. I’m Hank Marvin so heading down the battle cruiser for a pie and pint! Jog on!