The market for baths and sanitaryware is growing

The Key Note estimates that, following fluctuation over the 5-year review period, the apparent market for baths and sanitaryware increased by 5.6% in 2014.
Nowadays bathrooms have become spa-like havens offering an escape from the rest of the world. Close the bathroom door and hop into the bubbles of a roll-top tub or Jacuzzi bath, and for half an hour or so you can escape the screaming children or the piles of paperwork on the other side of the door and be transported to a luxurious sanctuary.
The stresses of modern life have led many to seek this refuge in the home, and more bath lovers across the nation are transforming their functional bathrooms into relaxing spaces that rival spa and hotel facilities.
Yet, around one quarter of adults in the UK claim to never have baths, with the speed and convenience of showers fitting in with the hectic daily schedules of much of the population. Being clean and ‘green’ is also a growing concern among consumers, with short showers typically wasting less water than filling a tub – and with the days of ‘rub a dub dub, three men in a tub’ being far behind us, people no longer want to re-use bathwater after another family member — a quick shower it is then. Luxury showers are becoming the focal point of many bathrooms as smart, technologically innovative showers and wet room facilities are transforming the bathroom space.
Imagine setting the temperature of water to the precise degree, the flow of water to a certain power preference and timing the shower to go on at the exact moment that you crawl out of bed in the morning; the latest developments allow people to set these shower functions to suit the exact preference of each user in the home and control them remotely via a remote or even through a smartphone.
These are just some of many factors drawing a growing number of residents out of the tub and into the shower, according to Key Note’s latest Baths & Sanitaryware Market Report.

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