Marshall-Tufflex launches Tufflex Tile for ceiling work

Marshall-Tufflex has unveiled a new pattress product, the ‘Tufflex Tile’, designed to take the hassle out of pattress installations with a ready to use solution suitable for all applications.

Designed in response to customer feedback, Tufflex Tile has been created to transform the way installers work on ceiling systems across every sector and application, whether it be installing spotlights, smoke detectors, PIR sensors or speakers.

Notably, the new solution is manufactured with Correx instead of traditional plywood or MDF, making it lightweight, yet strong and easy to cut or drill. What’s more, the tile is pre-cut to the standard 595mm2 ceiling tile aperture, reducing both cutting and sawing time on site, as well as the levels of dust that are generated when cutting wood to size.

The material is also flame retardant and self-extinguishing, offering further benefits for the end user and removing a key component of the fire triangle. Pre-chamfered edges offer an easy and seamless fit and thanks to its slimline and lightweight design, the tile is easy to handle, store and transport.

Martin Russell, Group Product Manager at Marshall-Tufflex said: “For over 80 years, Marshall-Tufflex has led the way in areas of product research, development and innovation and we are delighted to introduce this new category to our portfolio. By listening to customer feedback, we recognised that using plywood or MDF as a pattress when installing electrical products is not only arduous and time consuming for professionals, but also poses significant fire risk for the end user, so we have worked closely with installers to develop this modern, flame retardant alternative, as a quick and easy pattress solution.”

Watch a video demonstration of the product here: