Maximising heat pump performance with Grant UK at WolseleyLIVE

Grant UK will be hosting a webinar discussing heat pump performance and offering top training advice to installers at WolseleyLIVE, a digital event taking place between 9-11 March 2021.

You can watch this session live on 11 March at 1pm. There’s no cost. Save your spot here:

Who will be talking?

Join Andy Smith, National Sales Manager for Grant UK, for this webinar exploring the ways in which an air source heat pump’s performance can be maximised through design and preparation. 

What will we discuss?

Andy will talk through the considerations that installers need to address with any heat pump installation to help ensure that the system can achieve and deliver maximum efficiency and performance. The webinar is broken down into sections with Andy explaining the processes involved in heat pump calculations, heat emitter sizing and selection, and the siting and correct positioning of heat pump units.

 Andy will also introduce participants to the different ways in which Grant UK can support installers out in the field including a brief introduction to the Grant eLearning Academy and how this online platform can help industry professionals develop their product knowledge at a time and place to suit them. 

 Why should I join?

“This webinar will provide installers with an outline of the important elements they need to factor in with any air source heat pump installation,” explains Andy. “Completing a thorough analysis of a property’s build and requirements as well as fully scoping the most suitable location for a heat pump unit are both key steps in ensuring that the right heat pump model is selected and the right system is designed. A range of topics will be covered in this webinar including heat loss calculations, heat emitter sizing, location, noise, clearances and anti-corrosive treatment and I will also explain how Grant UK can help installers at every stage of a heat pump installation.”

Who is this webinar for?

 This webinar is designed for both experienced heat pump installers as well those heating engineers who are wanting to move their businesses into the renewables sector.