MHS Radiators launches energy-efficient range of aluminium radiators

MHS Radiators has added a trio of new models to its lightweight and energy efficient range of sectional aluminium radiators.
Suited for use with low temperature heating systems, the Decoral 97, Decoral Vertical and Decoral Electric are all practical and functional radiators ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or studies, as well as areas including kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Plus, their lack of weight makes them suitable for hanging on dry-lined walls.
Boasting significantly lower water content than steel panel radiators, aluminium radiators are already established as the products of choice for heating engineers all over Southern Europe – and now they are readily available in the UK. Indeed, the Decoral range from MHS offers energy savings of up to 30% when compared to standard panel radiators, while their low thermal inertia ensures they heat up and cool down faster than their steel counterparts AND underfloor heating, thereby offering greater levels of comfort. Decoral radiators are made completely from recycled materials* and also carry a 10-year guarantee.
Available in a variety of heights (428mm, 577mm, 677mm and 778mm), with widths ranging from 240mm to 2,000mm, the attractive Decoral 97 is a lightweight, high output radiator ideal for use with heat pumps and other renewable heating technologies. Each radiator also benefits from an anaphoresis coating inside and out, prior to being painted white (RAL 9010), ensuring complete protection for the duration of its working life.
Elsewhere in the range, the Decoral Vertical is a modern, lightweight and versatile high performance vertical aluminium radiator suitable for a range of different sized rooms and walls. Plus, its tall, slim design ensures it fits into the narrowest of spaces while still offering substantial heat output. This futuristic radiator is 1,866mm high and available in widths ranging from 240mm to 640mm, utilising an 80mm sectional design.
Finally, the Decoral Electric has an aluminium alloy body with low thermal inertia with integrated aluminium side panels. A LCD backlit control system has easy-to-reach buttons and digital display, plus a humidifier is fitted in the left side of the radiator. All models are IP24 protection rated with Class II insulation and NTC temperature probe, plus an electronic temperature regulation via PI controller. Decoral Electric models also boast daily and weekly programming options, along with multiple operating modes, including: Programming/Comfort/Night/Freeze protection/Holiday/boost/Eco/Stand-by.
Commenting on the new range, Chris Gotts, UK & Ireland Retail Manager at MHS Radiators, said: “Not only does the new Decoral range look amazing, all products are also easy to handle during transportation and installation, with each model benefitting from higher outputs for their size when compared to many conventional panel radiators. Plus, the unique modular design enables exact sizing according to the required output, ensuring their installation is simple and straightforward.”
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