Mira launches HeatCapture™ wastewater heat recovery system

Mira Showers has launched the Mira HeatCapture™, providing developers the opportunity to offer a sustainable and efficient wastewater heat recovery system (WWHRS) to their developments.

Mira is known for paving the way for original and ground-breaking design, using their vast experience to create the very best products. But they’re also the market leader in developing pioneering technology, helping to create more sustainable technologies to ensure a greener future. Continuing its forward-thinking approach to innovation, Mira has launched HeatCapture™. This new product utilises heat from the bathroom wastewater to increase the efficiency of a domestic heating system. This results in the boiler applying less energy to heat water, as the required heat rise has been reduced.

With hot water demand being added to the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) regulations for 2025, Mira’s HeatCapture™ will help specifiers and new property developers ensure new building projects are in line with these regulations from the onset. In fact, Mira’s new HeatCapture™ product will increase the overall hot water efficiency of a new home by up to 10%.

With focus turning to how developers can ensure their properties are more environmentally friendly without incurring additional fees, Mira’s HeatCapture™ not only provides incredible value to its SAP points ratio, it also offers KIWA approved efficiencies of up to 65%.

The Mira HeatCapture™ is designed with a double wall stainless steel heat exchanger, the only one of its kind currently available on the market in the UK. The ridged stainless-steel core ensures water exiting the shower waste or bath clings to the side of the tube to transfer its heat to the cool incoming mains. Conforming to EN1717, the steel heat exchanger is perfect for new build applications. This step forward in sustainable solutions will also support UK house builders in achieving their goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Plus once installed, the technology requires no further maintenance by the homeowner, meaning they can fit and forget whilst gaining all the benefits of the efficient system.

Tested and certified by WRAS, KIWA, BRE as well as being SAP registered, the Mira HeatCapture™ has undergone rigorous testing and validation to ensure its performance, quality and longevity meet the high standards set by Mira’s longstanding reputation.

This innovative new product has been created using Mira’s incredible 100-year knowledge and experience within the industry. Whilst delivering pioneering energy saving qualities, it is quick and easy to install with all parts supplied.

From innovative, feature rich products to the ease of installation and servicing, Mira works harder to make your work easier.

If you would like to discuss your next project with Mira, contact the Mira specification team at estimating@mirashowers.com.

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