MK Electric launches USB Intergrated Sockets to smooth transition from ‘A’ to ‘C’

MK Electric has unveiled its new USB Integrated Sockets as part of its Logic PlusTM range, to smooth the transition from ‘A’ to ‘C’.

As mobile devices increase in capacity and become more power hungry, the new USB Type-C connector is set to replace Type-A over time.

The newest Logic PlusTM USB Integrated Socket, available in white and graphite finishes, incorporates two USB ports – one Type-C, plus a USB-A port – with a total of 15W / 3A across both outlets.

As USB type-C is smaller, reversible and capable of higher power charging, the inclusion of both USB port options gives installers and specifiers the ideal opportunity to deliver a solution that meets power requirements now, whilst being future-ready to embrace the rapidly growing adoption of USB-C.

Helping increase charging efficiencies, the company’s USB integrated socket outlet also includes its Dynamic Device Recognition (DDR) technology. So, whatever device is being charged, it recognises the USB port as it would its own charger and draws current in the way that best suits its design to ensure optimal charging in the least amount of time.

With health front of mind in the current climate, Logic PlusTM is made using urea formaldehyde; a high-grade thermoset material that has anti-bacterial properties inherent in the actual compound of the product. In addition, the range is scratch-free thanks to high quality mould tools, meaning there are no dirt traps for the bacteria to spread – another way to help optimise safety.

Maintaining the safety and quality you’d expect from the brand, the new Logic PlusTM incorporates a host of features that ensure it delivers on both aspects and widens business opportunities. For instance, if the total charging current exceeds the rate level of 3A, the device will enter a current limited safety mode, or under short circuit conditions, the output voltage will shut down completely. Like all MK 13A switch socket outlets* it also has a 3-pin operated ‘child resistant shutter system’, which is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply unless all three pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position.

Unlike many other USB sockets on the market, it incorporates double pole switching for added user safety, opening the door to specification for public buildings, such those for the healthcare or education sectors where DP switching is frequently required as standard.

Remaining simple to install, the USB integrated socket from MK mounts into a standard 25mm back box, making it perfect for retrofit as well as new build projects in multiple applications including residential, commercial, education, hospitality and retail markets. It also features backed out and captive terminal screws and in-line, upward facing terminals with a funnel entrance for no-fuss installation.

Emma Segelov, MK Electric’s EMEA marketing operations manager, comments:

“When it comes to charging devices such as phones, tablets and wireless headphones, the 4-pin USB-A connection has been the standard for quite some time. With the added convenience of being smaller and reversible and the capability to deliver 100W of power and handle much higher rates of data transfer, even including video, in the future, the use of USB Type-C is on the rise and expected to quickly become the norm.

“The change won’t happen overnight. It will take some time for the market to fully make the transition from the still commonly used Type-A to Type-C connection. That’s why we have introduced this new USB integrated socket to the market to complement our existing, wide-ranging dual USB-A integrated sockets and euro module.

“Building on the popularity and trusted reputation of our Logic PlusTM range, we are helping organisations to move from one USB type to the other without compromising on the design, safety and quality benefits users have come to expect from our products.”

Manufactured at the company’s site in Southend on Sea, Essex, MK Electric’s Logic PlusTM USB integrated sockets have a five-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

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