My rabbit and pork

Soaring Scousers

Let’s have it right, I ain’t your mate. I’m here to simply give my outright opinion on everything that’s got to do with the Premier League! Only the best league in the world!
Looks like this new season is gonna be full of fresh new boats so make sure you check out the scouting report on all the new blood that’s seeped into the Premiership. I don’t need to faff around with stats, I can tell ya if a player is hungry by the look in his eyes.
Let’s not mess about now, we haven’t got long till the season starts and you really need to get thinking on who your gonna pick for your first week of the season. Will Rooney still be at glory glory Man United and will the cannibal Suarez finally get a taste of the lovely costa da sol.
These are things that you should be thinking about, not what shirt your gonna wear to work tomorrow or what you and the other ‘alf are gonna have down your local ruby house!
I’ll be bringing you all the rabbit surrounding the Premier League; Managers, players and games. So make sure you follow me on twitta and check out my weekly blogs. I’m no mug and I ain’t here to please anyone so jog on son.
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