Navien announces new Navi-Van tour

Navien has unveiled its new ‘Navi-Van’ – a brand new display and mobile training vehicle, which allows the company to take its products out on the road directly to installers and merchants.

The branded van is equipped with a wide range of heating and hot water technologies.

The vehicle not only contains fully-working models of Navien’s NCB condensing gas boilers and LCB700 Blue Flame oil boilers, but also an NPE Premium Condensing water heater. This allows installers and merchants to experience the company’s product portfolio first-hand, for both training and educational purposes. The new Navi-Van can also be used for entertaining customers, as its side panels fold out to form an extended function and reception area, perfect for breakfast meetings and merchant events.

Once parked, the panels of the vehicle open up to reveal information about the company’s boilers and controls, as well as key details about the brand’s heritage and renowned international reputation. This is accompanied by an overview of the Navien Choice loyalty scheme, which allows installers to gain points for every boiler they register, which can then either be ‘banked’ or redeemed immediately for instant rewards.

The Navi-Van will be travelling the UK during the next few months, visiting Midlands and the North West in March and April, then East Anglia in May, before heading to the South West in June and then visiting the South East in July.

Details of its exact locations and schedule will be posted on Navien’s social media pages, while installers can also email for further information.

Commenting on the new vehicle, Jason Davies, National Business Manager at Navien, said: “We are committed to supporting and educating our installer and merchant customers nationwide. By introducing the new Navi-Van, we can now bring our products directly to them, for essential on-site training, as well as business and networking events. Having so much information and resources in one place ensures we can demonstrate all the technologies which Navien is known for around the world.”

Renowned by installers and end users alike, Navien already produces and sells over 2 million boilers per year globally.

The Navi-Van houses Navien’s NCB-CE gas boiler, which has a turndown ratio of 10:1 and extremely low NOx emissions. It is also “OpenTherm” ready, allowing for instant access to the latest heating control technology.

In addition, the flagship LCB700 Blue Flame oil boiler utilises the latest blue flame burner technology to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. The range boasts superior efficiencies up to 104%, as well as ultra-low NOx emissions of only 57mg/kWh – making the LCB700 the only domestic oil boiler capable of achieving an ErP A+ energy rating.

Navien’s boilers can be fitted with the company’s state-of-the-art Smart Plus controls, which further improves energy efficiency – increasing a system’s overall ErP rating to ‘A+’. These devices also employ enhanced features such as smart weather forecasting and geofencing capabilities.

Finally, the Navi-Van will also showcase the NPE gas water heater, which provides fast and reliable DHW, alongside high outputs for superb performance. Already the leading water heater in the American market, the unit has the ability to learn from an end user’s usage patterns – maximising hot water delivery while reducing running costs.

For more information about the wide range of high-efficiency boilers and water heaters available from Navien, visit