1. Its not the Van its the MAN.
    A nice shiny new van rolling up outside your door gives no guarantee of that persons level of competence.
    I have been in my trade almost a lifetime and have on occasions, followed up to put things right done by the shiny new Van man, using their new number plate and smart livery as a smoke screen for their incompetence.
    So consumers are best to “Check out the MAN not the Van”

  2. good point, but the article is talking about first impressions.

  3. The article is about re hiring a tradesman. I dont think for one moment that if you turn up in and old van do a first class job and leave that you would not get repeat custom.

    Ive known people do a two week course get registred and turn up in a shiny new van but do not have a clue what there doing.

    Who you going to pick a man that can fix you problem or a man in a new, probably leased, van that has no clue?


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