Net Zero Future – What Decarbonisation of Heat Means for the Installer

Dr Elaine Lancaster, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Ideal Boilers will be discussing the status of the Net Zero policy, looking at the landscape for new build and B Regulations in preparation for 2025.
In addition, there will be a look at the Future Home Standard, including influencing factors such as Coronavirus on the number of completed homes in 2020 and economic factors that potentially slowed the transition.
Watch the interview live on YouTube at Thursday 15 July at 3:30pm:

The Q&A session will ask what has decarbonisation of heat achieved to date, covering programs and products including condensing boilers, Boiler Plus and Energy Efficiency schemes.
We’ll discuss how can we do more with what we have today, including maintaining good practice system sizing and commissioning, Boiler Plus, water treatment, as well as balancing and compensation controls – reducing demand and heating more efficiently.
And then to the future – what the likely net zero technologies will be. How heat pumps, net zero gas boilers, heat networks, solar and ventilation, hot water storage and smart control systems will help to achieve the net zero goal.
Elaine will then give details about what exists for the installer today to help the shift to net zero.
Elaine explains: “Changing the way we heat homes is one of the biggest challenges facing the transition the net zero, with 29 million homes all requiring some level of upgrade to the fabric and heating system to meet the required emissions reduction. Heat pumps, heat networks and green gas technology all have their part to play, as no one-solution fits all. Each technology has its own barriers to scale up; be it infrastructure, regulation, or skills, and it is essential for market creation, investment, and training to happen that policy and regulations are effective throughout. At the heart of the transition is the unique relationship the installer and consumer has today compared with other sectors. To help the consumer adapt to these new technologies the installer has a key part to play. Ideal Boilers’ focus on the installer puts us in a leading position to take existing best practice and learnings to help inform future policy and regulation that support consumers and installers through the transition”.