New CIBSE Guidance: Electrification For Net Zero

New guidance on the design and operation of building electrical services that focus on the electrification of buildings in the drive to net zero carbon has been published by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

The UK’s drive to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is seeing a shift in buildings to electric heating and increasing demand for electric vehicle charging points. Greater electrification of building services will have significant implications for the design and operation of buildings and their building services because electricity is much more expensive than fossil fuels at the point of use.

CIBSE Technical Memorandum 67 Electrification of buildings for net zero has been written to provide guidance for all engineers involved in the design and operation of building electrical services that focus on the drive to net zero carbon. The document outlines best practice and the emergence of new technologies, systems and protocols to facilitate effective and safe design and operation of buildings.

The guidance includes advice on: overarching strategies and performance metrics; connection to and interaction with the network; new opportunities and challenges in operation; and electrical storage and generation systems. It also includes design guidance including strategies for reducing demand; plant sizing for low energy buildings; and demand flexibility in order to respond to respond to the needs of the electricity grid.

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