New installer videos launched for Grant Aerona Smart Controller

A brand new playlist of videos about the Aerona Smart Controller is now available to watch on Grant UK’s YouTube Channel.

The videos, which aim to support installers and engineers, provide an overview of this intuitive heat pump controller as well sharing step-by-step demonstrations on how to set the core settings.

The Aerona Smart Controller, which was launched at the beginning of this year, is an innovative controls solution for Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps. This Smart Controller features sophisticated technology, such as heating curve configuration, remote monitoring and self-learning functionality, which supports the efficient set-up and running of a Grant heat pump. To help installers learn more about this controller and how to operate it, a new playlist of short videos dedicated to the Aerona Smart Controller is now available.

The playlist talks installers and other heating professionals through the key features of the Aerona Smart Controller. The videos include step-by-step tutorials as well as animations which provide audiences with an easy-to-follow guide to understanding the controller and how to use it. These new videos are not only a useful resource for heating engineers who will be installing and monitoring the controller and the wider system, but they will also be of interest to end-users who need assistance setting their heating schedules.

The first two videos give an introduction to the Aerona Smart Controller and what each of the display icons represent. The next set of videos share how-to demonstrations for setting up the controller, setting the circuit temperature, setting the domestic hot water temperature and setting the heating and hot water schedules. There is also a video which focuses on the heating curve configuration and how engineers can edit this and finally, there is a video on how to set up legionella protection.

“Videos, especially product tutorials, can be really useful resources” comments Anna Wakefield, Head of Internal Sales and Marketing at Grant UK.

“The Aerona Smart Controller is an exciting new product and we want installers and engineers who work with Grant heat pumps to feel confident with our controller technology and fully understand how it works, which is why we made developing this first video series a priority for 2024. We are planning to add additional videos to the playlist in the coming months as well, which will further demonstrate the functionality of the Aerona Smart Controller.”

To watch these videos in full, please visit Grant UK’s YouTube Channel –