New Logic HIU from Ideal Commerical Boilers

Ideal Commercial Boilers has launched its brand new range of Logic Heat Interface Units (HIUs), the latest heating system solution designed to maximise efficiency in multi-residential buildings served by central boiler plant.
Ideal commercialProviding localised control for residents, the Logic HIU operates as an interface between the centralised heating plant, usually consisting of one or more commercial condensing boilers, and the central heating and domestic hot water system within each individual dwelling. Depending on the type of fuel used, this type of system can improve the SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating of a building and assist in achieving target ratings under the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements.
In addition to delivering maximum energy efficiency as a result of heating and hot water being controlled by an electronic control to match demand, the Logic HIU features a fully insulated cover that dramatically reduces heat loss to increase energy savings still further. Fast-acting electronic control valves within each unit adjust quickly to changes in the primary system pressure and secondary demands, ensuring a rapid response to requirement as well as allowing these units to be smaller and lighter than those with larger components. In a system that is sized correctly, Logic HIUs will enable the return water from the primary system to reach a lower temperature of below 40°C for hot water and below 50°C for radiator systems, as advised by Part L of the Building Regulations, thereby enhancing the condensing function of modern commercial boilers to further improve system efficiency.
Ideal Commercial Boilers offers four Logic HIUs in total; two indirect units (50 and 75) and two direct units (High Temperature and Medium Temperature). All units can be fitted with a heat meter, allowing the energy used within each individual apartment to be recorded and charged accordingly. Depending upon the meter chosen the energy used can be monitored remotely, resulting in simple, automatic billing to the tenants and removing the need for physical access to each individual flat to conduct a meter reading. Each HIU can be factory-fitted either with a CF ECHO II MBus 1 meter or with a CF ULTRAMAXX-V MBus PS meter.
Logic HIUs incorporate advanced technology such as pump exercise programs (anti seize), making Logic HIUs among the most reliable units on the market. This is demonstrated by the 2 Year Warranty which Ideal Commercial Boilers offers as standard. A flushing bypass is also available with these units as an added accessory.
Indirect and Direct
The Indirect 50 and Indirect 75 units supply both heating and hot water via two independent plate heat exchangers. Heating is supplied at 15kW on both units, with hot water at 50kW or 75kW respectively, and they can also be easily adapted to service underfloor heating systems. In addition, indirect units do not require a pressure independent control valve, thereby simplifying and speeding up installation.
The Logic HIU Direct units supply hot water via a plate heat exchanger at 50kW, with heat delivered direct from the primary circuit at a system pressure up to 10 bar. The Medium Temperature unit also features flow temperature modulation, matching the demand more precisely in order to maintain efficient operation.
Ideal Commercial Boilers offers a range of wall hung and floor standing high efficiency condensing boilers that can operate as the centralised heat source for a multi residential heating system incorporating Logic HIUs, including the Evomax wall hung and the Evomod modular floor standing ranges, both of which are listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL), and the Imax Xtra floor standing range.