New Plumbing Solutions from MILWAUKEE®


At MILWAUKEE®, we are proud to work directly with plumbers every day to produce the high-quality, essential tools that users need to improve the way they work.

From our percussion drills and free-standing drain cleaners – to our pipe cutters and press tools, we have a wide range of cordless power tools ideal for all the challenges plumbers face on the job.

Check out some of our new plumbing focused solutions and the problems they solve:

Pipe Cutting: Cut stainless steel, carbon steel and copper pipes with ease.

Pipe Threaders: Supply water & sprinkler systems.

Press Tools: Deliver quality and consistent press connections.

Band Saws: Cut stainless steel or copper pipe for running water.

Caulk Guns: Seal sink & bath trims with silicon.

Drain Cleaners: Clear blockages with the lightest cordless drain cleaners on the market.

Diagnostics and inspection: Make instant assessments of plumbing problems.

Cut-off tools: Ideal for cutting tiles, bolts & other materials found on the jobsite.

All MILWAUKEE® plumbing solutions are created to ensure the users task is easier and more efficient.

Some examples of the best MILWAUKEE® solutions that show this include the M12™ RAPTOR™ Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter, the M12™ Sub Compact FORCE LOGIC™ Hydraulic Press Tool, the M18™ Sewer Inspection Camera and the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Brushless Press Tool with ONE-KEY™.

Thanks to the compact brushless motor in FORCE LOGIC™ press tools, the M18 ONEBLHPT delivers up to 10% faster connections and 20% more run time.⁠ ⁠Furthermore, being a tool that can be operated by one hand means the press tool is ideal for overhead applications and when working in narrow spaces. ⁠

With a 34 mm 1080 p HD camera with pan zoom and a 60 m long, 12 mm thick push rod, the M18™ Sewer Inspection camera is the ideal plumbing solution for complicated drain cleaning tasks.⁠

The M12™ RAPTOR™ Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter is the world’s first cordless pipe cutter that can cut pre-installed Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Copper pipes without a blade change.

The industry’s smallest, lightest press tool, the M12™ Sub Compact FORCE LOGIC™ Hydraulic Press Tool, weighs only 1.8 kg for greater user comfort and has an outstanding pressing range.

The MILWAUKEE® plumbing range is constantly expanding and evolving to meet the needs of all the challenges plumbers face on a day-to-day basis.

While undertaking the wide range of plumbing tasks, ensure that personal protective equipment is worn when necessary, such as safety glasses and safety gloves.

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