New range of commercial circulators for HVAC applications from Stuart Turner


Stuart Turner announces a new range of commercial circulators for HVAC applications.

The Pulse range features High Efficiency ErP compliant pumps in a variety of sizes from with both single and twin head options for Rp1½ to DN80.  The range also contains secondary hot water circulators of brass construction.

The product release marks yet another move from the renowned domestic water boosting manufacturers to become a major player in the HVAC market having recently acquired Pressurisation and Hot Water Generation specialists Mikrofill.

Since the implementation of the ErP directives in 2013 which formally limited the electrical consumption of Energy Related Products entering the market including pumps, the spotlight has rightly been turned on the potential energy savings these products may hold.

Pumps account for an astounding 10% of global energy consumption, and 90% of a pump’s life cycle costs is tied up in the energy bills it will generate. With life expectancy of premium pumps often being in excess of 15 years, taking the approach of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” might see old standard efficiency pumps become a thing of the past by around 2030.

The fact is though, in most cases, pro-active replacement of high energy consuming pumps even if they are working will pay off for the end user – often in year 1. As more manufacturers bring these technologies to market with increasingly competitive offerings, Installers will be well placed to educate and encourage building operators on the benefits of pro-active replacement.

Pulse circulators come loaded with energy saving features and provide Installers and Specifiers with versatile options whatever their requirement might be. The pumps are driven by high efficiency permanent magnet motors with EEI ratings as low as <0.20 and are capable of self-modulating in order to only deliver what flow is required based on demand. This operating mode offers energy savings of up to 90% compared to old style fixed speed pumps. Other operating modes include Fixed Speed, Constant Pressure, Night mode and Fully Automatic Mode.

Dimensionally they compare well with products already in the market, adopting industry standard port to port connections meaning that, in most cases, Pulse will act as a quick and easy replacement with no pipework modification required. They feature a simple to install electrical connection with no need to remove any terminal box.

The range is set to build on the success of Stuart Turner’s existing ST range of domestic circulators, offering solutions for single dwelling premises all the way up to larger commercial properties.

Kevin Moore – Global Sales Director, Stuart Turner – says:

“Having demonstrated a successful entry to the market with our ST range of domestic circulators, we continue to grow our product portfolio into more commercial applications, this time within the HVAC arena.

“Development of the Pulse range centred around the requirements of the installer and the building operator. Ease of installation while maintaining excellent electrical efficiency and reliability were the guiding principles of the project. I’m really excited about the new range and look forward to seeing them appear in installations very soon.”

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