Saniflo gets praise for macerator campaign

It can be quite hard to get excited about a macerator. To most people, it’s just a white box that pumps away black water waste from a WC.

Saniflo – the original inventor and leading manufacturer of the humble macerator – is dispelling this belief with its new, striking advertising campaign designed to stimulate ideas and boost sales for trade customers.

Saniflo emphasizes that when you consider the possibilities that a small white box affords, it can open up a whole new mindset to converting unused spaces:

  • Bathroom in an unused attic? It’s possible with a Saniflo.
  • Laundry in a cellar? Also, possible.
  • En-suite in the loft? A breeze.

The point is that when gravity drainage isn’t an option, a Saniflo usually is. So, for domestic and commercial customers this new, striking advertising campaign might just be the nudge they need to grasp what’s possible.

Ann Boardman is Head of Marketing and Product Management at Saniflo and was responsible for overseeing the concept.

Ann said: “The new advertising campaign is a step in a different direction for us, as we really wanted to challenge perceptions and stimulate customers’ ideas of how to transform their spare spaces. We know what a Saniflo can help achieve, but we wanted to convey this to customers in a visually appealing manner. Feedback at the show absolutely vindicated the change and we are now rolling out the ads in the press, on social media and on future show stands and we encourage our customers to watch out for the ads and share them with their customers.”