New solution to a common problem faced by installers!


A trickling tap is a nuisance, but when only one tap or outlet is poor, installing a pump to improve the water flow throughout the whole house can feel like overkill.

To combat this, Salamander Pumps, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of domestic water pumps, has launched a brand-new pump, TapBoost, offering a cost-effective solution to boost the performance of a single tap or outlet.

Designed to boost flow to between 7 and 12 litres per minute, depending on incoming flow, TapBoost provides an easy solution. Ideal for when a slow flowing kitchen tap means the kettle takes an age to fill, a trickling bathroom tap is making washing hands difficult, or if you’re tired of waiting for the toilet cistern to refill.

The pump can be fitted at multiple locations around the house, including bathroom and kitchen sinks, bath taps, garden taps, toilet cisterns, dishwashers and washing machines.

TapBoost is also incredibly quiet and its inline design with robust brass fittings makes it easy to install in either a mains-fed or a gravity-fed system.

When there is more than one outlet that’s causing an issue, Salamander Pumps has a range of other products to help boost water around the home, including shower and whole house pumps, larger inline pumps and accumulator tanks.

Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps, said: “We’re really excited to launch this product to the market, as there’s no competitor product quite like it. Our research and development team have worked really hard to develop a pump that uses a different type of motor that means we don’t need mechanical seals – reducing the possibility of leaks.

“We’ve specifically designed TapBoost to offer a cost-effective solution for homeowners who have one main problem point in their property, where they want to improve their water performance, but where a whole-house solution may not be necessary. We can’t wait to see the reaction from our customers!”

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