New Titon dMEV range launched

Titon has launched two new decentralised mechanical extract ventilation (dMEV) units for use in small to medium sized dwellings: Solace and Solitude, the latter of which is the most efficient dMEV currently available.
titon fan webSuitable for either new build or refurbishment projects, both the Solitude and Solace are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, due to their adjustable continuous settings.
Solitude is a constant flow dMEV fan, which can be wall, ceiling, panel or window mounted. Not only is it the most efficient dMEV available according to BRE tests, it also meets stringent 5 Pa back pressure requirements. It benefits from a unique impeller design, providing a combination of powerful performance and minimal noise. Additionally, the unit uses a boost with overrun timer that is adjustable between 0-30 minutes, manually activated via a remote switch (in the form of a room light switch).
Titon’s second addition to the dMEV range, Solace, is available in three different versions. The first is ‘Basic Fan’, where boost is manually activated via a remote switch; the second is ‘Overrun Timer’, which has boost with overrun timer adjustable between 0-30 minutes; finally, the ‘Humidistat & Timer’ version has a humidity sensor which is adjustable between 50 and 95%, which activates ‘Comfort Boost’ mode – increasing airflow to an intermediate speed less intrusive than full boost. This model also features the boost with overrun time, adjustable between 0-30 minutes, manually activated via a remote switch.
Both Solitude and Solace boast a discreet aesthetic and easy to clean design. Units are incredibly quiet running, producing only 11dB(A) @ 3m, at low speed. Both dMEVs offer two speeds (with selectable slow speed) and specific fan power down to 0.09w/l/s. Furthermore, they are IPX4 rated and double insulated (so require no earth).
Commenting on the range, Tyson Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at Titon, said: “These discreet new dMEV units are excellent additions to our vent systems portfolio. Solitude in particular, as the most efficient dMEV available, offers wholesalers, housing associations, contractors and developers an effective and adjustable means of ventilation – which doesn’t have to be ‘designed-in’ like whole house systems.”
He continued: “Both Solace and Solitude are exceptionally quiet when running, as well as compact and easy to clean. Plus, the Titon dMEV range is also effective in reducing pollutants in the home and improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), therefore reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.”
All Titon dMEV fans are fully compliant with Part F of the Building Regulations and are supplied with a 30-month guarantee in the UK. Both Solace and Solitude are available from Titon Direct at
For more information about Titon and its range of ventilation systems, visit