New Viridian Solar “Clearline EV” charger available Jan 2023

Viridian Solar has announced details of its new electric vehicle (EV) charger, Clearline EV.

The first product to emerge from the collaboration between Viridian Solar and EO Charging is a compact 7kW wall mounted socketed charging unit that comes with built-in solar power matching functionality. Clearline EV will be available from January 2023.

With new building regulations Part L and Part S reaching the end of phase-in periods next June it is expected that more and more new homes built in the UK will be coming with both solar PV panels and EV charging as standard. With Clearline EV in the product line-up alongside its extremely popular roof integrated Clearline fusion solar panels, Viridian Solar can support housebuilders with the technologies they need for compliance with the new regulations.

Jamie Berryman, CSO at Viridian Solar said:

“The new Clearline EV is small, sleek and well-designed with the kerb appeal housebuilders value, which makes it a perfect match for our range of roof integrated solar panels. With lots of new EV charging products coming to the market, it is important to work with a trusted and reputable brand. By choosing Viridian Solar a single supplier for both solar and EV charging customers can be assured that the solar and EV will work together beautifully.”