Vokèra launches new BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat

Vokèra has launched the new BeSMART Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, an easy to install, internet connected device, specifically designed for heating control.
This smart thermostat allows homeowners to change and adapt their heating systems at their convenience through the BeSMART App. Easy to set up and install, the new control package is intuitive to use and is compatible with the Vokèra technology as well as systems from the vast majority of major heating brands.
“The BeSMART thermostat is going to revolutionise heating control for homeowners and installers,” comments Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra. “People will have more control over their heating than ever before – they can programme individual settings, manage different zones and even control the system remotely. Installers will be able to apply BeSMART to deliver these benefits across a huge number of new and retrofit projects. The future of the home is all about connected systems and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.”
Installing BeSMART is especially quick and simple, when replacing an old thermostat. No additional wiring is required.  BeSMART has been designed to specifically complement the Vokèra boiler range but it will also work with the majority of residential boilers with ON/OFF control, making it an ideal replacement for old thermostats.
The smart thermostat can be set-up for single or multi-zone control, with an impressive eight zone maximum and they can also be connected to Vokèra boilers with OpenTherm to allow interaction with weather conditions; meaning on milder days, they will automatically adjust to the ambient temperature. Homeowners can also programme up to three comfort levels to suit their needs and save energy and money. The App is available on both iOS and Android and works on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer via an internet browser. Users can adjust the temperature, programme in settings and even check the boiler operating conditions, providing new levels of control over a heating system.
BeSMART achieves up to Class VIII control under ErP (+5% in space heating efficiency) when combined with an OpenTherm compatible Vokèra boiler. Using BeSMART, installers will have access to a protected technical menu that gives them power to adjust the boiler parameters and, depending on the setup, end-users can have an online connection to Vokèra’s service centre, which will flag up problems straight away.
For more information about BeSMART, visit www.vokera.co.uk/besmart or follow Vokèra on: Facebook  | Twitter  | LinkedIn.   
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