Five things installers need to know about NIBE PRO

Neil Hope – Head of Installer Development at NIBE Energy Systems – looks at everything you need to know about becoming a NIBE Pro installer:

Whether you’re a trained heating installer with years of experience already or right at the start of your career, you’re reading this article at the right time. Heat pumps are set to be the primary heating system in homes built from 2025, and the Government has plans to see 600,000 installed in homes per year from 2028. You could be at the heart of delivering these objectives by becoming a certified heat pump installer – and you can now gain all the skills and training you need in one place through a new training scheme called NIBE Pro.

1. Becoming a NIBE Pro is easy

Put off by the minefield of requirements needed to become a heat pump installer? We don’t blame you. That’s why we’ve simplified the training process and brought everything together in one place. The streamlined route guides you through all the necessary training, commissioning, and compliance, while providing you with expert support every step of the way.

2. You will become MCS Certified

Your NIBE Pro journey will guide you through MCS compliance training and certification, leaving you with a recognised mark of quality. This accreditation will provide your customers with the assurance they need and allow you to deliver government initiatives like the Renewable Heat Incentive, Green Homes Grant, and Clean Heat Grant.

3. Training costs are fully redeemable

Yes, you read that right. Training costs are fully redeemable through the NIBE Pro voucher scheme, meaning you can invest in your future and gain an industry recognised qualification at no long-term expense. This is all part of our ambitions to help installers join the energy revolution and prepare for the rising demand of heat pumps.

4. Unlock Multiple Rewards

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their hard work and heating installers are no exception. As a NIBE Pro installer, you’ll have access to a plethora of benefits to help grow your business including industry leading digital and online

support, redeemable rewards, dedicated business support and technical expertise from NIBE engineers.

5. You can advance long term.

NIBE Pro is structured in three tiers so that you can achieve goals and advance upwards as time goes on. You can go from NIBE Pro to NIBE Pro Partner, and from NIBE Pro Partner to NIBE Pro Exclusive – unlocking additional benefits and rewards each time you move up the ladder.

Interested in becoming a NIBE Pro Installer and joining the energy revolution? Visit to find out more.

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