NIBE webinar boxset: discover heat pump technology with the experts

Installer was joined by NIBE during InstallerFESTIVAL and NetZeroFESTIVAL, where we hosted three technical webinars exploring heat pump technology.

All three sessions are available to watch on-demand and here’s how you can watch them:

NIBE F2040 heat pump case study

In this discussion, you will hear all about the installation of a NIBE heat pump from everyone involved in the process: NIBE’s Head of Installer Development, Neil Hope will be joined by Barry Sharp of Renewable Heat Installation and Servicing, and of course, Gerry McLachlan the NIBE end-customer and owner of a NIBE F2040 heat pump.

You will hear about the decision-making process to purchase a NIBE heat pump, the experience during the installation and the long terms benefits. We also delved into the practicalities of the project and the relationship between NIBE and its network of VIP Installers.

Watch here:

An overview of heat pump technology

This webinar provided installers with an overview of heat pump technology within the context of the UK’s Net Zero target.

We were joined by Robin Adderley, Sales and Marketing Director at NIBE for this exclusive NetZeroFESTIVAL session.

After gaining an insight into the changes required to meet this target by 2050 and the challenges of heat decarbonisation, you will be briefed on the role heat pumps will play in providing low carbon heat to homes and the levels of deployment needed over the next three decades.

You will also explore the wider policy context and the potential for engaging consumers and scaling up the installer base, touching on the recently published industry consultations on future training standards for low temperature heating. Information will also be provided on the NIBE heat pump training opportunities, NIBE VIP criteria and the latest range of S Series Heat Pumps.

You can watch here:

NIBE heat pumps: a general overview for installers

In this webinar on heat pumps, you will be provided with a general overview of renewable heat pump technology, touching on the different types of systems available.

Chris Easton, Technical and Training Manager, and Robin Adderley, Sales and Marketing Director, explored the theory behind both ground source, air source and exhaust heat pumps, you will gain an understanding of the advantages and benefits NIBE products have to offer in the context of the household, installation process and the wider environment.

The latest NIBE S Series will also be explored, drawing on some of the key technical features and advantages of the new product range, such as weather forecast, smart home integration and advanced connectivity. You will also gain an insight into the NIBE Uplink Pro, an application developed by NIBE to help installers to commission monitor and diagnose heat pumps with ease.

Watch the session here: