NIBE’s new training scheme invites heating and plumbing installers to join the energy revolution


Neil Hope, Head of Installer Development at NIBE Energy Systems, invites heating and plumbing engineers to join the energy revolution:

How do heating installers learn the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to install heat pumps? NIBE Energy Systems has the answer: a streamlined, personalised route for plumbing and heating installers to become MCS Certified heat pump installers – otherwise known as NIBE Pro.

Right across the economy, changes are being made to place energy efficiency at the heart of products and operations in a bid to keep up with the green transition. The heating industry is no exception. Schemes like the Green Homes Grant are boosting demand for low carbon heating, fossil fuel heating systems are set to be phased out in new homes from 2025, and a new target from the Government means that 600,000 heat pumps will need to be installed per year by 2028. But what does this all mean for the UK’s 120,000 heating installers? It means that being a competent gas or oil heating installer will no longer be enough.

Those wanting to stay ahead of the curve will now need to acquire new skills and expertise at the earliest opportunity. NIBE Pro has been launched to help installers on that very journey, allowing them to build upon their skills and gain an industry recognised mark of quality in preparation for the large scale roll out of heat pumps.

With just 27,000 heat pumps installed in homes in 2018, there is a significant amount of work to be done across the next decade and the energy revolution has high demands. If that sounds a little daunting, you’ve got the right idea. Its execution depends on heating installers being ready and able to install low carbon, affordable and renewable heating options into new and existing homes. But with the introduction of NIBE Pro to help guide and assist the workforce, it isn’t an impossible challenge.

The fundamentals of heating are the same irrespective of whether the technology is a gas boiler or heat pump, meaning that trained installers simply need to build on the skills they already possess. This can all be done through NIBE Pro, which has been designed to guide and assist installers as they adapt to the inevitable change. Heating and plumbing installers can kickstart their journey to becoming a NIBE Pro by completing NIBE’s recognised training course package, covering both air source and ground source heat pumps in addition to MCS compliance. Installers will then by guided through the MCS and TrustMark certification process, becoming an MCS Certified heat pump installer, securing their status as a NIBE Pro and unlocking a plethora of benefits.

NIBE Pro installers will be able to fully redeem training costs through the NIBE Pro Vouchers scheme, meaning that an industry recognised mark of quality can be obtained at no long-term expense. Other benefits of NIBE Pro include dedicated business support, redeemable rewards, digital and online support, and technical expertise from NIBE engineers; installers can also advance through the scheme to unlock further benefits, such as extended warranty and additional support, as time goes on.

With heating installers across the country already experiencing the rise in demand for heat pumps following the introduction of the Green Homes Grant scheme, NIBE Pro comes at a critical moment. The upfront cost and lack of understanding of greener heating options has long stood in the way of the low carbon heating revolution but with financial incentives now on offer, this is on an upward rise. Homeowners and tenants are looking to heating installers for advice around how they can save money on their energy bills by taking up the vouchers on offer, and this will only increase once the Clean Heat Grant comes into play from 2022; this will replace the Renewable Heat Incentive and offer upfront financial support of up to £4,000 to households and small businesses that integrate heat pumps. Installers need to act fast to ensure that they have the answers their customers are looking for. NIBE Pro has been launched to help provide those answers.

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