No.10 discuss new concept of energy efficiency

Chris Farrell, MD of Zenex Technologies met with Government policy advisers at No. 10 Downing Street on 12 December 2012 for initial talks on how best to take forward a new concept of energy efficiency that could provide the answer to national energy security and lower winter fuel bills.
Mr Farrell, who has lobbied Parliament for changes to regulations, was invited to discuss potential barriers that current legislation might pose to revolutionary innovations in energy saving technology. Mr Farrell is himself the inventor of a number of patented heating products, amongst which the Zenex GasSaver, a passive flue gas heat recovery device now recognised in Building Regulations, the Green Deal and by the Energy Saving Trust for its energy saving benefits.
Mr Farrell pointed to energy labelling as a chief obstacle in introducing new energy saving technology to the market.
“The problem with Government regulations is that they set artificially low ceilings for energy labelled products,” said Mr Farrell.
“Take boilers – even A-rated condensing boilers are not as energy efficient as they could be,” he continued. “The technology already exists to improve boiler efficiency levels, reduce heating and water bills and bring an end to unnecessary energy waste. But until such technology is made mandatory or mainstream, consumers will continue to pay unnecessarily high fuel bills.”
This year, the number of people in fuel poverty has risen to 5m households in England alone, where households spend 10% or more of their income on warmth and light. The Government has a statutory duty to eliminate fuel poverty by 2016.
“David Cameron has called for inventors and entrepreneurs to put Britain back on the map amongst the leading nations,” explained the Zenex MD. “Well, there are several inventors in the energy industry who have designed important technology that, if supported by the Government, could put the UK at the forefront of energy efficiency in the world and eliminate fuel poverty in one fell swoop.”
Mr Farrell suggested that a major stumbling block for many energy saving inventions is that they do not fit into existing legislative categories. He called for a fundamental change of policy from the Government.
“The future of innovation is outside the box. We need the market to recognise these new levels of efficiency that can be achieved simply and affordably, but we can’t do that without Government support. Working with the Government’s policy advisers to decide the best approach is the next step.”
With the door of No. 10 open for continued dialogue with Mr Farrell, and the retailer Sainsbury’s now piloting a scheme to promote super condensing boilers with GasSaver technology in Northern Ireland, it remains to be seen how the Government will respond to the need to implement changes that will bring real savings to consumers and businesses through world-leading British technology such as super condensing.
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