Noisy bathroom fans affect over 14 million adults in the UK

Over 14 million UK adults are being affected by having a noisy bathroom fans in their homes, according to new research.
xpelair webThe independent study, commissioned by Xpelair, the UK’s number one ventilation brand, revealed that just under a half of the British adult population rated their existing bathroom fan as noisy, whilst a quarter of those described it as annoyingly noisy.  The survey results also highlighted the impact that bathroom fans are having on poor sleep, with over 4.5 million adults having been woken up or kept awake by a noisy fan.
The research findings are being launched by Xpelair during Sleeptember – an exciting initiative running throughout September by The Sleep Council to remind everyone of the health benefits of a good night’s sleep.
Steve Holton, Strategic Marketing Director at Redring Xpelair Group, commented: “A chronic lack of sleep affects over a third of the British public, with stress and taking work home blamed as the key culprits.  However, noise is another critical factor that is keeping people up at night and the bathroom fan is one of the main offenders.”
In response to these research findings, Xpelair has committed to raising the bar in the ventilation market by bringing a host of exciting and innovative new solutions to the market.
Steve continued: “Unlike some of our competitors that have introduced one or two silent products, our mission is to make all of our bathroom fans silent and really set the industry benchmark.
“Behind the scenes at Xpelair, there has been huge investment in our research and development teams and in our manufacturing facilities that have helped refocus the business and we believe this will add serious credibility to our product and service offering and really excite the market moving forward.
“The first stage of this development will see the launch of our new Simply SilentTM Contour range – a new generation of 4” fans that feature Xpelair’s brand new and patented GhostTM Air Movement Technology.  A whole platform of solutions using this technology will then be introduced over the coming months and beyond.”
Click here for a step-by-step installation video:
The GhostTM Air Movement Technology on Xpelair’s Simply Silent Contour range results in unsurpassed acoustic performance, with flow straighteners incorporated to guide air through the duct and a cone in front of the fan to reduce turbulence and ensure the air is directed straight into the impellor.  To compliment this, ball bearing motors have been used to suppress noise from the motor.
The Simply SilentTM Contour Extract range comes in both round and square variants to give homeowners greater choice.
In addition to its acoustic credentials, Simply SilentTM also includes Xpelair’s patented So SimpleTM installation, making it best in class and the easiest product to install on the market.
The new range of fans are available in both AC and DC motor versions and come in a fresh ‘ICE’ white appearance to meet the design needs of any modern room.  The AC range boasts an air extraction rate superior to the competition by up to 28l/s, whilst the DC variant is constant volume, automatically adjusting the speed of the fan to ensure the desired airflow is delivered.  The DC model also includes integral hour run meter, verifying how many hours the fan has been in operation.
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