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  1. Philip Wilson IEng MIET

    Whilst there is some logic in this posting there is also considerable self serving intentions. The writer seems to be pushing a move to the boiler manufacturers own offerings which (not in his case) can be complex to program and less user friendly than the leading brands who have decades of experience in producing excellent controls. As a medium sized installation company with a consultancy department specialising in complex controls we too often find that consumers are left with inappropriate controls for their needs these either being packaged or thrown in with the boiler or fitted as a boiler plug in. Whilst the development of boiler integrated controls is a great thing it is wrong to alienate major branded third party controls on the back of ease of issuing ERP certificates for the installation. Instead to ensure a level playing field the ERP tools from the major manufacturers MUST allow for installers to input parameters for off the shelf controls.

    Of course we must avoid non CE marked backstreet copies of controls but this is a separate issue and should be happening anyway.

    Philip Wilson IEng MIET
    Managing Director


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