Once in a lifetime – Talking Heads #MusicClub

There are two huge influences in Jim Elmy’s life – music and plumbing – and when he isn’t doing one, you can bet he’s doing the other. As a plumber, music is a big part of Jim’s day, listening to all genres in the van, in the merchants, or to drown out rogue customers.
In the first of a new series of blogs, Jim looks at the songs which can help installers smash their jobs for the week. Kicking off is Once in a Lifetime by the Talking heads:
And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?
If there’s ever a song to start your day, it’s this. And it has been playing on my stereo in the van for weeks. The opening glissando from the guitar to kick in the bass, like the van door closing after you’ve got your tools to start a job.
You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.
But you’re only here to install the boiler. Tina Weymouth is thumping that bass that gets me ready for a day on the tools. Swaying like an unclipped pipe in a void in a wall. Chris Frantz is keeping the beat going. He’s the pump that’s pushing the sound round the system.
I suppose the true meaning of choosing this track is really my personal dedication to you all. It’s coming up to Christmas. Don’t let the days go by, don’t let the “water flow underground”. It’s a well-deserved time for a break. You don’t need that big automobile and that big house and beautiful wife. You’ve got all those things already. Live in the now.
This song is for: The hardworking engineer who enjoys 1980s Art Pop with a groove.
Jim has 12 years on the tools, and even more experience in his bands – Zebroids, Bum Fist and China Dogs. He’s even played the drums at the Royal Albert Hall. To keep up with his daily musical thoughts, follow @the24hrplumber #musicclub.